Required Supplies

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APTA Membership

Your membership in the American Physical Therapy Association is required upon entry into the program and provides you access to a multitude of resources, benefits and opportunities as students and professionals (often they are free!). Besides the national membership, APTA is represented by state chapters. Please select the District of Columbia ("DC") as your state chapter. If you are living in Virginia or Maryland, this state will self-populate but you can still choose DC as your chapter.

To SIGN UP for your student membership, visit:

The Guide to Physical Therapist Practice

Once you are an APTA member, you will be able to access The Guide to Physical Therapist Practice online, which is free. The Guide is a required resource in the first semester of school and is utilized in a multitude of places across the entire curriculum. Take some time this summer to explore some opportunities for further involvement with your professional organization!


Students entering the DPT program are required to purchase a kit of supplies needed for the first day of classes. This kit includes equipment that will be used throughout the curriculum for patient/client examination and treatment. In order to ensure that students are obtaining the correct supplies required by the program we have collaborated with a company that prepares a kit with the needed supplies. Students will be provided with information during the summer on kit purchases. 

Anatomy Supplies & Dissection Kit

Before the start of the semester, you will receive further instructions from faculty regarding purchasing your Dissection Kit for Anatomy.  This kit is needed for the first day of classes.