PT students smiling in a PT clinic while reading a book

The George Washington University (GW) Physical Therapy (PT) clinical education program includes integrated and capstone clinical education experiences designed to meet the mission and goals of the Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) program. The integrated clinical experiences, called Integrated Clinical Experience (ICE) I and II, occur during the second and fourth semesters of the DPT curriculum. After students have completed their clinical course work and a comprehensive, written exam, the clinical education curriculum concludes with three, full-time clinical internships.

Integrated Clinical Experience I and II

ICE I and ICE II are part-time experiences that occur concurrently with classroom work. Prior to the ICE I and II, students must demonstrate beginning competence in performing basic physical therapy examinations and interventions in the classroom and laboratory settings. As they progress, they are expected to become increasingly engaged in clinical decision-making and all aspects of clinical care under close supervision. Students use this time to practice basic components of examination, evaluation, and intervention skills learned during their didactic experiences. At the conclusion of the fourth semester, students have approximately 80 hours of supervised clinical practice.

Clinical Internships I, II, and III

The full-time, capstone Internship IInternship II, and Internship III provide students with opportunities to experience the full depth and breadth of physical therapy practice. The selected internships require students to participate in safe, effective, and professional clinical care in a variety of settings and with patients and caregivers from a variety of cultural backgrounds throughout the lifespan. Students must demonstrate competence in addressing clinical issues along with wellness and prevention throughout the rehabilitation process. In addition to developing increased competence with clinical decision-making and direct patient care, the internship experiences facilitate the development of entry level performance in the broader roles and responsibilities of physical therapy practitioners: patient care team members, advocates, consultants, teachers, researchers, managers, and leaders. At the conclusion of Internship III, students will have approximately 1440 hours of supervised clinical experience.

Clinical Placements

The GW PT program has more than 500 active clinical sites throughout the US and abroad in Australia and Costa Rica. Available clinical placements are determined annually in collaboration with clinical partners and the GW PT program.