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The George Washington University (GW) Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) program and University offer many resources to help our students succeed. Please use the resources below to navigate to your topic of interest.

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Policies and Resources

GW provides many resources for students to establish and interact with their academic record. In addition, the program provides each DPT student with a ‘Guide to Success’ that outlines specific program policies. Combined, these resources contribute to a compressive learning management network that enables students to have information at their fingertips.

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Student Activities

DPT students are encouraged to develop their leadership skills through securing a leadership position at the program, school, or University level. In addition, students may participate in various activities sponsored by University offices and/or community partners.

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Annual Events

GW’s DPT program hosts and participates in several events that highlight our students and alumni as leaders in the profession, school, University, and community. Our annual fall event, Convocation, invites speakers who serve as leaders in the profession who deliver an inspirational keynote address.

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Community Service

Community service is at the heart of the GW DPT Program. We actively seek opportunities to further the mission of the profession through developing meaningful community partnerships. Students, faculty, and staff regularly volunteer throughout DC and nearby communities.

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Awards and Publications

The GW DPT Program recognizes student achievement in areas of leadership, quality, excellence, and academics through various student awards. Further, students are also encouraged participate in publication activities that showcase scholarly efforts!

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Student Advising Program

GW’s DPT program incorporates a support system for each newly admitted student before classes begin. Each student is assigned a faculty and peer advisor that serve as resource to advise students on various circumstances that students may encounter throughout the program.

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