Johns Hopkins Hospital / GW Pediatric Residency

Child handing a toy to a physical therapist in a PT clinic

The Johns Hopkins Hospital (JHH)/ The George Washington University (GW) Pediatric Physical Therapy Residency is a year-long intensive specialty program for a licensed clinician to develop into an advanced pediatric physical therapist. The program aims to develop a skilled PT that will:

  • Provide innovative and evidence based care to the pediatric population
  • Advocate for and advance the integral role of physical therapy and rehabilitation in the management and prevention of impairments
  • Possess system skills such as outcome measurement, quality improvement, project management and leadership within an interdisciplinary team
  • Act as strong patient and family advocates
  • Sit for the American Board of Physical Therapy Specialties (ABPTS) certification exam in pediatric physical therapy

The resident will be salaried employees of JHH with full-time benefits. Throughout the course of the program the resident will receive weekly one-on-one clinical mentoring in a variety of unique clinical and didactic experiences. In addition, the resident will develop leadership skills as well as participate in clinical research and graduate level teaching.

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GW pediatric residents partner with nationally recognized health centers and community sites.

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Child and physical therapist doing a push up together in a PT clinic


The JHH/GW Pediatric physical therapy residency is a 13.5-month experience including 30 hours of clinical work and 20 hours of didactic experiences, teaching and research exposure each week.

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Explore the GW pediatric residency admissions requirements and start an application.

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