COVID-19 Related Admissions

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the George Washington University's Doctor of Physical Therapy (GW PT) program has revised some of its admissions criteria for courses taken from Spring 2020 through Fall 2021. 

Pass/fail coursework

Given the disruption experienced due to COVID-19, we recognize some students have chosen and/or were required to take courses Pass/Fail or Credit/No-Credit from spring 2020 through fall 2021. Therefore GW DPT will accept coursework from spring 2020 through fall 2021 Pass/Fail or Credit/No-Credit for prerequisites.

Online/distance learning courses and labs

In keeping with our admissions requirements during past admissions cycles, prerequisite courses (including labs) taken online at any regionally accredited institution are acceptable. Therefore, online and distance learning courses and labs will be accepted in fulfillment of prerequisite coursework completed during any admissions cycle, including during the 2024-25 PTCAS admissions cycle.


Interviews will be held in both a virtual and in-person format during the 2024-25 PTCAS admissions cycle. Interviews are required for admission and are scheduled on a rolling basis throughout the fall and early spring. Applicants selected for an interview will receive an email invitation. There will be many opportunities to learn about our program and for us to learn about you as well.

GW supplemental application fee waiver

For applicants facing financial hardship who have also been granted a GRE test fee waiver within the last 2 years of submitting their application, we will approve a GW supplemental application fee waiver request. If you meet this criteria, you must request a fee waiver in the GW supplemental application with a note that you received a GRE test fee waiver and our office will follow up with you.