Awards and Publications

The GW Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) program presents outstanding students with accolades throughout their program of study. Students are recognized in areas of leadership, quality, excellence, and academics, just to name a few. Throughout the program, students are also encouraged to participate in publication activities that showcase scholarly efforts!

Program Awards

Excellence Awards

The DPT program presents several Excellence Awards to top performing students in the beginning of the second and third academic years. These awards are announced at Convocation each fall.

Professional Development Awards

The DPT program also presents a number of Professional Development Awards to support student participation in research, service, and other professional development activities (e.g., attendance at the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) National Student Conclave and APTA Combined Sections Meeting).

Academic Excellence Award

This award is given to the student who earned the highest cumulative grade point average and has demonstrated consistent qualities of academic excellence. This student is an active and reflective learner, who promotes the learning process in others as well as him/herself. This is a person who freely shares his/her knowledge and skills, and often acts as a resource for others.

Excellence in Clinical Leadership Award

Given to the student who has demonstrated consistent qualities of clinical excellence both in the classroom and in the clinic. This is a person who may serve as a resource to others, and who freely shares his/her knowledge and skills with others.

Service Excellence Award(s)

This award is given to the student who distinguishes him/herself as a leader among his/her peers in service to the DPT Program, School of Medicine and Health Sciences, University, community and/or to the profession. This student may distinguish him/herself through his/her active service to the GW community and beyond, and is an active participant in the physical therapy profession on the local and/or national level.

Jean Johnson Award

A student who distinguishes him/herself through academic performance, leadership, clinical excellence, and service is eligible for this award. This person may be responsive to the needs of others, or may demonstrate some other personal quality that distinguishes him/her among his/her peers. This may be the person who volunteers for faculty-generated special projects or assignments, takes on leadership roles, or who recognizes a need to provide service beyond the Physical Therapy Community. This is a person who fulfills and advances the mission of the program.

Alpha Eta Society

In addition, each year faculty from each program review student records and nominate those students who have demonstrated high scholastic achievement (a grade point average of at least 3.5) and dedication to their chosen profession to the Alpha Eta Society, the National Honor Society of the Allied Health Professions. This honor is extended to no more than twenty percent of the graduating class.

Program Publications

GW PT News

The PT program publishes news to its website which may be viewed by students, alumni, staff, friends of the program, and clinical educators. The news service is a joint effort GW faculty, staff, and DPT students. Students interested in partnering with faculty to publish dynamic articles are highly encouraged to contact the faculty liaison or class historian.

Research Publications

Students involved in research are strongly encouraged to submit their work for presentation at APTA and other professional meetings. A research abstract considered for presentation or publication must be submitted in conjunction with the faculty, clinicians, and/or researcher with whom the work was conducted. Consultation with your Research or Faculty Advisor is required.