PT Clinic

Johns Hopkins Hospital

Residents will have experiences at various outpatient rehabilitation centers within the Johns Hopkins Hospital (JHH) system. JHH is an academic medical center located in Baltimore, MD and surrounding areas, and has been at the forefront of discovery, innovation and medical advances for over 100 years. JHH has been ranked by US News and World Report as among “America’s Best Hospitals” for more than two decades. 

George Washington University

The George Washington University’s (GW) Physical Therapy Program is dedicated to the professional development of students, faculty and clinicians. The program fosters physical therapy practitioners through excellence in teaching, service and scholarship. The orthopaedic residency is GW’s first residency program and was established in 2012 and accredited by ABPTRFE in 2013. GW has 2 other partner residencies including the GW/Medstar Neurologic Physical Therapy accredited in 2014 and the JHH/GW Pediatric Physical Therapy Residency established in 2015.